We provide pediatric care at several locations near you! Our team is centered on creating an engaging and interactive environment where your child can feel at home during their dental care. For children, having good oral health at a young age can significantly improve the appearance and condition of their smiles later on!

We understand that many children may be anxious about their vist and we do everything we can to make them feel comfortable and put them at ease. We may suggest using nitrous oxide, which is a safe way to help kids relax when they are in the chair. Dentists have used it for many years to make appointments easier for kids. Be sure to talk with our team about how we can help your child overcome dental anxiety.

If you are interested in learning more about pediatric dentistry at Idaho Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, call us today. To set up an appointment, contact us today for a visit to one of our offices.

At our practice, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages, including children. We are pleased to provide pediatric dentistry to help you keep your child’s smile in good health. We encourage you to bring your child to our office every six months for a regular dental exam and cleaning. During this visit, our friendly doctors and team will gently clean your child’s teeth and check for signs of dental problems, such as tooth decay. Each member of our team is caring and gentle, and we are practiced at making children feel comfortable. We understand that it is important to build a positive, trusting relationship between your child and all of their doctors at a young age, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your child feels comfortable and safe at our office. If you have any questions about your child’s dental health or oral development, we welcome you to ask us during the visit or by calling our office.

In addition to bringing your child to our office for regular checkups, it is important that you help your child establish good oral hygiene habits at home. Teach your child to brush and floss their teeth every day and help them maintain a balanced, healthy diet. We invite you to call or visit our office today to learn more about pediatric dentistry and how we can care for your family.

Our Mission

As locals in the greater Idaho region, our doctors and team are closely connected with the community and take great care in providing each of our patients with personalized treatment! We are passionate about assisting patients with their dental concerns and are deeply committed to helping children receive pediatric care in a safe and comforting environment. To help you and your child feel welcome here, we offer easily accessible dental care at affordable prices. You can reach out to our team today for more information about meeting with our doctors.

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